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August 2nd, 2016 by J

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As a famous actress in Hollywood, Alicia Silverstone has lived up to the expectations of her dear fans and given them much more to enjoy for about a countless times over. A seasoned actress like Silverstone is pretty much effortless now when it comes to acting as she’s been doing this job since she was a little girl. And in a world where fairytale-like serious relationships is kinda hard to come by, Silverstone has proven too that she excels in this aspect of her life, being married for almost 12 years now.

Many of you might be happy to know what their secret is, that despite their busy schedules, they still manage to maintain a healthy and strong union all this time. Well, wonder no more as Silverstone shows just how much she’s still into her husband and that they constantly find new ways of pleasuring each other whether in private or public. They eat each other up while in the car but choose a nice spot in the woods so they could continue fucking each other hard. Now you see what keeps this marriage stuck like glue, eh? No, it’s not just their pussy and man juice, which keeps them sticking on each other’s naked bodies.

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April 2nd, 2016 by J

The youngest of three siblings, Alicia Silverstone appears to be the least of the bratty younger sister of the bunch. As a young child, Alicia already has her life’s blueprint planned for her when she started a career as a model, at a tender age of six, and everything else took off from there. Being cast in television commercials, producers and directors started taking notice of Alicia and projects came pouring in. She is one of those versatile actresses who can adapt easily to different roles and carry out her lines, which are almost always good as getting quoted and turning them into memorable memes. Showing off her exquisite talent in acting has landed her big roles in movies such as Clueless, The Crush, and Blast from the Past to name a few.

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She is also a self-confessed vegan, living a healthy life while helping the environment and animals at the same time. She sounds too good to be true but Alicia is all these and more. Aside from being an almost perfect human being in the eyes of God and men with the way she is living her life, to the fullest, she is also one hell of a keeper when it comes to romantic relationships. But before we jump into the wagon that is her long-time boyfriend becoming her partner for life, she has done some fun and risky good times on the sides before tying herself up in a huge knot on one man’s bed for eternity. Here is one wild leaked video of hers getting all worked up with her legs spread wide, blowing on some horny dude’s boner, and fucking hard in whatever positions their excitement would take them to. This definitely sealed the label as Alicia being that perfect all-around partner.

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August 17th, 2010 by alicia

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Alicia Silverstone had once been quoted to say: “My favorite thing in the world is a box of fine European chocolates which is, for sure, better than sex.” But after seeing the star of Clueless and Batman & Robin in this series of raunchy hardcore photos, I think she may have changed her mind! This shocking and very graphic photographs show Alicia Silverstone induging in some uninhibited fucking with some unidentified bunch of guys. You can clearly see her face and she seems to be enjoying herself, as evident in these sexy hardcore photos of Alicia Silverstone. Definitely better than chocolates!

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It seems like she’s talking dirty to the guys, perhaps telling them what to do to her next. The beautiful actress is definitely boner material in this series of photographs. Anyway, enjoy these photos featuring straightup, hot celebrity fucking. See Alicias’s delectable pussy and tits get licked, as her twat gets pounded hard by some lucky guys. If you want to see more hardcore celebrity sex, then check out Alicia Silverstone nude photos.

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April 20th, 2010 by alicia

Looks like our favorite hottie Alicia Silverstone‘s got another fetish whenever she wants to ride her batpole.  And her latest lust-crazed obsession is crazy anal sex!  Yes, if you like boning a girl in the butt, then Alicia’s now available for some nasty ass-tastic action!

I wonder when Alicia got hooked on this ass-flavored action?  Maybe someone just slipped it in her rear end during one session and then her eyes lit up and she decided then and there that getting fucked up the ass was her thing.  I mean you never know with these celebrities, with all the sex they’re getting, they must need a new sort of fetish every month!

Well, anal’s not a bad way to go for this hot blonde cutieFucking an ass can feel real good, and it can feel tighter than a pussy.  The only problem is that based on these photos, Alicia Silverstone’s been fucked so much in the ass that she must have a real loose sphincter by now!  So if ever you’re around her and you suddenly smell something bad, then it’s probably a fart that got by her loose asshole!  Just kidding Alicia, we still love you.  Show your love by checking out the rest of her awesome anal fuckpics over on Alicia Silverstone Nude!

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August 2nd, 2008 by alicia

Did finding out Alicia Silverstone likes some Bat-sex turn you on?  Why you kinky geek, you.  Too bad it turned on a lot of other guys and they reached Alicia before you did.  An offer for some dynamic duo tag-team action with Batgirl was enough to drive Alicia crazy with lust, and as you can see here, she’s taken a liking to having dirty threesomes with some muscular studs, who can fill out any superhero costume better than you can, I’m afraid.  But that’s okay, you can still squirt out some lube from your Incredible Hulk KY Jelly Squirt Gun and enjoy the sight of Alicia getting down and dirty with those guys instead, just the way you used to jack off to her Aerosmith videos.  At least here the action is a lot more hardcore, and you can fantasize about it all you want without Steven Tyler’s face getting in the way.

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August 2nd, 2008 by alicia

Holy pussy-gusher, Batman!  It looks like Alicia Silverstone is at it again!  After all those hot n’ sweaty bondage sessions, it seems that Alicia’s looking for something new to spice up her sex life.  If ropes and leather outfits weren’t enough, she must have figured out that a little roleplaying would get her juices flowing again.  She can even still keep the leather outfits, which look so good on her.  And as for the ropes, she can call them bat-ropes, because from the look of these photos, playing Batgirl is that kinky new game that turns her on when she’s feeling frisky.  There’s no clue yet as to who her partner in this kinky crime could be, but who says she has to stick with one, or even have a partner around (aside from someone to take her picture)?  From the way her pussy is dripping all over that dildo in one image, I’d guess that just dressing up as Batgirl is enough to get her off by itself!

Hey, watching her get naked and taking off that costume is enough to get me off, so she must be horny as hell herself with that mask on and dildo in one hand.  Go check out the other dirty stuff Alicia likes to do on this site, and get yourself off even more!

Alicia Silverstone’s Bondage Sessions Revealed

August 2nd, 2008 by alicia

It looks like Alicia Silverstone is into something else besides helping animals and tending her organic garden in her spare time.  Some sizzling hot bondage sex seems to be an interest of hers, and that’s not something you’d usually expect from a vegan like her!  Those people are supposed to be so well-balanced emotionally, with no extreme forms of behavior.  Living quietly is something most vegans do, with no red meat to drive their more base desires, so I’d actually expect really boring sex from someone of their persuasion.

But Alicia Silverstone is really breaking those stereotypes!  It ought not to be so surprising though, coming from someone named PETA’s Sexiest Female Vegetarian of 2004.  It looks like she’s been into this for quite a while now though, with that doe-eyed face of hers looking so young in those early photos.  It’s good that she’s kept her sex drive up so high ever since she stopped eating meat.  I guess all this kinkiness is how she gets those spikes of emotion that she needs so that her acting muscles don’t atrophy.  Her pussy muscles sure won’t!  Being tied up and gagged looks like something she really enjoys, and we hear she cums really hard during these sex games of hers…

S&M sessions ought to be every actress’ list of preparations before tackling any role!  Just see what it’s done for Alicia’s career so far.  If you want more of Alicia Silverstone getting naughty and nasty, click here, and be taken to a place where other similarly-inclined celebs do things you’ve never seen them do in public!

Alicia Silverstone Gets Naked

August 2nd, 2008 by alicia

Did you know that Alicia Silverstone turned vegan in 1998 and that she’s an avid supporter of animal welfare and environmental causes?  She was even PETA’s Sexiest Female Vegetarian in 2004, and anything with “sexiest” and “Alicia Silverstone” in it is probably correct, in our opinion.  Everyone knows one of the mantras of these groups is “I’d rather go naked than wear fur”, and it looks like Alicia Silverstone has definitely taken that to heart.

This is a lot more than her nude print ad and 30-second commercial for PETA championing vegetarianism last year.  No, this is an entirely new lifestyle change, that takes those precepts to the extreme, and we’re liking it a lot!  We see that Alicia Silverstone is going around naked a lot more these days, and it looks like her nudity is getting to her, because she’s fondling her private parts more and more, as you can see in the pictures.

We like our red meat, but anything that can make women wear less clothes (or none at all) and touch themselves is okay in our book!  So we wholeheartedly support PETA on this one, as we munch on our medium-rare burgers while checking out Alicia Silverstone nude and doing dirty things on a certain website, which is something you ought to do too, by clicking on that link back there.