Alicia Silverstone Nude

If there was a time when you were so broken-hearted that love wasn’t much of a friend of yours, then you definitely know this babe, especially if that time was during the 1990s!  Alicia Silverstone may have started as a child commercial model and TV movie actress, but she really burst onto the scene in a flash of sexy heat with 1993’s “The Crush“, which got her noticed immediately by MTV, and she got two awards soon afterwards, for Best Breakthrough Performance and Best Villain, at the 1994 MTV Movie Awards.

You’d think that would be a big enough splash for a debuting actress, but Alicia moved on to bigger things quite speedily afterwards.  Her next blockbuster career move was being cast as the hot chick in the latest Aerosmith video of that time, “Cryin”.  Now if you weren’t turned on by her sizzling stalker in “The Crush”, this was definitely the time that you started fantasizing about Alicia Silverstone nude.  Two more hot Aerosmith hits had Alicia as their female lead, and her place in the history of pop culture was ensured.

But she didn’t stop there, because next came the seminal “Clueless“, which was THE teenage romantic comedy of its era, and again, Alicia Silverstone was knee-deep in the 90s cultural zeitgeist.  This made Columbia-Tristar give her a three-picture first look contract for her own production company, First Kiss Productions.  She was the “It” girl of the current generation after all, although starring as Batgirl in the Batman movie that almost killed off the franchise certainly didn’t do her career any favors.

Well, if George Clooney survived it, Alicia can too, and though there’s a new crop of “It” girls for a whole new generation, Alicia Silverstone has definitely cemented her place in cinema babedom!  That’s why you should check out Alicia Silverstone Nude, because it’s got everything naughty that she’s done, and you’ll be amazed at how raunchy she can get.  It’s got the carnal heat of all those Aerosmith videos, times 10, so you know it’s something you just can’t miss out on, can you now?