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Alicia Silverstone Really Into Anal Sex

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Looks like our favorite hottie Alicia Silverstone‘s got another fetish whenever she wants to ride her batpole.  And her latest lust-crazed obsession is crazy anal sex!  Yes, if you like boning a girl in the butt, then Alicia’s now available for some nasty ass-tastic action!

I wonder when Alicia got hooked on this ass-flavored action?  Maybe someone just slipped it in her rear end during one session and then her eyes lit up and she decided then and there that getting fucked up the ass was her thing.  I mean you never know with these celebrities, with all the sex they’re getting, they must need a new sort of fetish every month!

Well, anal’s not a bad way to go for this hot blonde cutieFucking an ass can feel real good, and it can feel tighter than a pussy.  The only problem is that based on these photos, Alicia Silverstone’s been fucked so much in the ass that she must have a real loose sphincter by now!  So if ever you’re around her and you suddenly smell something bad, then it’s probably a fart that got by her loose asshole!  Just kidding Alicia, we still love you.  Show your love by checking out the rest of her awesome anal fuckpics over on Alicia Silverstone Nude!

Alicia Silverstone Likes Doing It With A Dynamic Duo

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

Did finding out Alicia Silverstone likes some Bat-sex turn you on?  Why you kinky geek, you.  Too bad it turned on a lot of other guys and they reached Alicia before you did.  An offer for some dynamic duo tag-team action with Batgirl was enough to drive Alicia crazy with lust, and as you can see here, she’s taken a liking to having dirty threesomes with some muscular studs, who can fill out any superhero costume better than you can, I’m afraid.  But that’s okay, you can still squirt out some lube from your Incredible Hulk KY Jelly Squirt Gun and enjoy the sight of Alicia getting down and dirty with those guys instead, just the way you used to jack off to her Aerosmith videos.  At least here the action is a lot more hardcore, and you can fantasize about it all you want without Steven Tyler’s face getting in the way.

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